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LL.B. Law, Government, Diplomacy and Strategy – IDC Herzliya


Lior’s practice focuses primarily on labor law and civil litigation. As the head of the firm’s Litigation and Labor Law Departments, Lior providing legal consultation to various Israeli and foreign companies with respect to all aspects of employment relations, including: employee recruitment, employment terms and conditions, compensation and retirement packages, HR policies, prevention of sexual harassment, equal opportunities in the workplace, adaptation of international documents to Israeli law, and employment termination; assistance in negotiating and drafting agreements, including: executive employment agreements, separation agreements, compensation packages, confidentiality and non-competition agreements, and consultancy agreements; advising in international transactions, mergers and acquisitions, organizational changes and privatizations; Advising employers and employees whose labor relations are governed by collective bargaining agreements in relation to all of the implications of engaging in collective employment relationships, including: assistance and guidance in negotiating, drafting and interpreting collective bargaining agreements; and representing clients in different litigation proceedings in all courts, including with respect to individual litigation, collective employment disputes, social security matters, as well as arbitration and mediation proceedings.


Born and bred in Tzfat, Israel, Lior is what our clients call “the salt of the land”. After serving for several years as an officer in one of the IDF’s prestigious intelligent units, Lior enrolled at the IDC Herzliya’s law school where he supplemented his legal studies with an additional degree in Government, with a special focus on diplomacy and international relations. During his studies, Lior was very active in the charity “Latet”, where he established a volunteer team tasked with providing special assistance to holocaust survivors. Lior continues to actively support “Latet” together with his other favorite NGOs.

Lior successfully completed his clerkship in the economic department of the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office, focusing on labor law and civil litigation. Following his admission to the Israel Bar Association, Lior joined the law offices of Herzog Fox & Neeman as an associate in their Labor and Employment law department. As part of a small team, Lior was charged with representing the labor and employment law interests of some of Israel’s largest corporations, such as Ports Authority and the Israeli Electric Company. In recent years, Lior founded Medved Sofer & Co. together with his former IDC classmate, Adv. Moshe G. Medved.

Lior is a certified mediator and sits on the Israeli Bar Associations’ Hi-Tech Board.